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Welcome to DK_Titan's Webpage
On our webpage you can have a look at our statistics, get an overview of our finds, see how our geocoins travel around the World and study our coin collection, which includes both coins which we have bought an coins which we have produced ourselves. You can also find an overview of the signatures, we sometimes place in caches. In the section Egne caches (Own Caches) you will find links to all the caches, we have placed as well as an info page dedicated to our Nerds in the forest series. In the Oplevelsesgalleriet (Adventure Gallery) we have made a collection of some of the greatest experiences, we have had as geocachers, for example during our vacations. In the time to come we will expand this section with travel diaries, photos and movies. Last but not least we have a section with links, where you will find info about other geocaching resources on the web including links, which might help you solving mysteries.

In 2010 we produced our own geocoin in collaboratino with We have added a page about the cration process. It may be found here.

Titan 11-05-2003 - 18-04-2012. Have a look at the memorial page here and read about the creation of his memorial geocoin.