Titan 11 May 2003 - 18 April 2012
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For us geocaching started with the purchase of a GPS (Etrex) with the purpose of geotagging photos from our vacation at Crete (April 2007). A few months later (in July 2007) we completed the renovation of our house in Resen, and on 13 July we put the house for sale. Suddenly we now had plenty of spare time. The following day we created our account at Geocaching.com and the next day we found the geocache which was closest to our home. It was GCR183 "Ved Kilen Andresen #2" in Resenborg forest by Kilen. We figured that we could use this opportunity to give Titan his evening walk (although it would be some kilometers). Titan enjoyed the extra long walk and thereby contributed to getting us started with our geocaching career.

Geocaching also made Titan a TV Star (TV-Østjylland), where he demonstrated his enthusiasm on a geocaching trip in front of rolling cameras. Once in a while Titan also contributed to the magazine "Dværgschnauzeren" and even made it to the front page of one edition.

If you take a look at our web page you will notice, that everything about our geocaching team is based on Titan. The team name, the graphics on the web page, our geocoin from 2010, which shows Titan on both sides. This will also be the case for the coming 2012 memorial coin.

In 2011 Titan found a cache, which was claimed missing (and which was replaced) in 2007. This saved the TB Casper Duck. You may read the log for this find here.

Titan did not limit his geocaching activities to Denmark. Many of our vacations were planned, to that we could bring a dog, and we chose areas which would be interesting to explore for both two and four legged  team members. Thus, Titan achieved visiting Sweden, Germany, France, Luxembourg, Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Austria and Hungary on our geocaching trips.

Titan did not like the car ventilation system. When we drove through a tunnel (like the Limfjordstunnel or the Elbtunnel) and activated recirculation, it resulted in a very worried dog, who was sure there had to be a rat in the bottom of the car. He would the sit looking from side to side, but he obviously never found the origin of the sound.

When we started to go geocaching, Titan quickly realized that the instructions from the co-driver (400 meters, 200 meters, 100 meters) were an indication, that something fun was about to happen. He therefore began to talk back when Ulf started the countdown. Driving slowly on gavel roads resulted in the same response from him. After a long day of exercise, Titan usually lay sleeping in the bottom of the car, but he always woke up when we were almost home, and he would then usually give us his comments, before we parked the car.

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