Titan 11 May 2003 - 18 April 2012
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Titan was born in a small cosy kennels in Hellerup. Part of a room was transformed into the home of the puppies, and it was obvious that the first important weeks were full of love and care from their human.

As Titan was the biggest puppy he was named Gourmet. During Poul-Erik's first visit in Hellerup he immediately knew, that this puppy was something special, and that he should be named Titan. As a grown up dog, Titan remained larger than the average miniature schnauzer and he also remained something special.

From the very first drive in the black Audi A3 on 20 July 2003, the spot right in front of the passenger seat has belonged to Titan.

During his whole life - as puppy, young and grown up dog - Titan was lively and happy, and he almost always managed to charm his way into the hearts of people. Having Titan as a pet was also easy. He only created very few accidents while being home alone as a puppy, house training was completed in no time and he was always happy and accommodating towards new people and experiences. However, he was also a watchdog, and when he heard noises outside the premises, he felt it as his duty to make a light growl.

From time to time Poul-Erik had to work overtime, which made it impossible to get home to walk the dog. Luckily, EG is a great place of work and after only a few visits in the office, Titan became the "Finance dog" of the whole department.

Poul-Erik quickly realized that charming Titan was an expert in attracting attention. Hey….. this might be useful! Yes! A few photos of Titan at a dating site had an immediate effect.

Obviously, Titan could not be home alone for a whole day and evening, so Poul-Erik had to bring him along at the first date. Ulf, who was not used to dogs, was a bit skeptical. Would "it" be dangerous, or would it ruin the apartment? The solution was to meet for brunch at a café by the river. Luckily the weather was great and we could sit outside. The waiter was very kind and brought Titan a bowl of water, so that he did not feel completely unwelcome. It didn't take long for Ulf to fall in love with Titan and he quickly turned into a dog person.

Unfortunately, Titan will not be present, when we say yes to each other after nearly eight years on 5 May 2012. His absence will leave a big empty spot on the wedding photos.

UIf came into the picture and Titan now had homes in both Struer and Århus. Also Ulf had to work overtime once in a while, but it was not an option for him to bring Titan along to a company working with food research. Therefore, Titan kept visiting Poul-Erik's workplace when the puzzle of who would be where and when became too complicated. Titan always approached change positively. Now something new and exciting happens! He loved both his homes in Resen (Struer) and Århus. Coming with Poul-Erik to the office in Herning (with all the nice people and all the attention) was a big bonus for Titan.

When playing, Titan lived up to the reputation of the race being stubborn and never letting go. When he got hold of a branch, he did not let go, even if the branch flicked back up into the air. Another fun game was crawling (or climbing) us, when we pulled a teddy bear in a string.

Titan was his own determined master and was not easily subdued. The stubbornness which characterizes miniature schnauzers was also evident for Titan. When we had arguments with him, he always wanted the last word (in the form of a small growl). When Titan was at ease he always walked around grunting happily in his very personal manner.
During our renovation of the house in Resen, the small curious miniature schnauzer was also very much into the project. In the beginning he walked right behind us, and at one time where we had to empty the first floor he followed us up and down the stairs each and every time. One day a workman had been in the living room and had forgotten to close the door. Titan used this opportunity to look for adventure. He found a big roll of glass fabric. Hmmmm, would it be able to roll? Oh yeah! And the living room is nicely long! Would it be possible to bite it to pieces? Oh yeah - but the taste is not recommendable and it itches!

For a long time, playing with toilet rolls was also an exciting game during the long hours home alone.
Being a lively dog is synonymous with getting a few bruises. One Christmas Evening Poul-Erik and his mother were going to visit Ulf's parents in Ry. Titan couldn't wait to say hello to grandmother Karin.  The door in his side of the car was closed, but Titan thought it would be possible to squeeze his way to the door in the driver's side of the car. He managed to do so, but one of his ears got stuck. It's impressive how much blood can come out of a small gash, when the head is shaken! It was a regular bloodbath more than once the next few days! We tried to apply a homemade bandage around the head of Titan, but it was never a problem for him to remove it again.

Playing with a dog belonging to some of our friends resulted in a broken dewclaw. Therefore he had to wear both a sock and an E-collar, so that he could not reach the wound. Whenever he found a good place to lift his leg, the E-collar prevented him from reaching the spot, and he got so confused that he did not know, which leg to stand on (and one of them was obviously already out of function).
Presents were always a hit for Titan, and whenever there was a celebration in the family we had to also prepare a few presents for him (containing dog treats) so that he lost interest in the presents for the two-legged family members. He managed to find his presents under the Christmas tree all by himself.

One day Ulf brought Titan with him to a committee meeting in LBL (The Danish National Organisation for gays and lesbians) and one of the other members asked: Is the dog dumb? Later, when we started to go geocaching it became certain that that was not the case!

When one of Ulf's colleagues considered getting a dog we visited her together with Titan. Shortly after she and her family had welcomed a sweet little miniature schnauzer named Trofast in their home.
Titan didn't like water, and we can only recall one incident where he "voluntarily" jumped into the sea. It was in the summer of 2005, where he was afraid of being left behind on the beach while we were out swimming. Some years later during a trip with Ulfborg Kirkeby on a dark evening Titan got another (unwanted) swim. He jumped a log without knowing that there was a lake at the other side of it. He started swimming, but in the wrong direction. We managed to call him back towards us, but it took quite a while. We were happy that we did not have to enter the cold water ourselves! For Titan, even puddles could seem like insurmountable barriers. When he encountered such a problem, he just waited for us to carry him to the other side. The same procedure was used, if the brushwood seemed too impassable.
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