General information regarding the "Nerds in the Forest" series
The nature is constantly changing. Parts of the forest is cut down or fall during storms, new trees are being planted, stumps are eroding over time etc. Therefore, from time to time, it may be necessary to move some of the caches to new locations. On this page you will find all relevant information, when caches are moved and puzzles are adjusted accordingly.

  • NPS 6: (8 October 2016) The cache has been muggled. We have placed a new container closeby. Please type the previous coordinates (i.e. the solution to the puzzle) in the Geochecker in order to obtain the new coordinates (as well as informtion for the bonus cache).
  • NPS 9: (21 Juli 2013) A new fence has blocked the access to the cache and we have therefore moved it. The puzzle has been adjusted, so that it leads to the new hiding place.  (10 Oktober 2011) Cache moved one meter, but puzzle not adjusted (see hint).
  • NPS 21: (7 Juli 2012) The satellite reception seems to be tricky at this place. On some days, the coordinates are OK, but at other times they seem to be 7-8 meters off. We have made an alternative set of coordinates, which have been added to the Geochecker.
  • NPS 24: (11 Oktober 2012) The cache has been moved 30 cm. A new hint can be found in the Geochecker.
  • NPS 26: (7 Juli 2012) The hiding method has been modified. A new hint can be found in the Geochecker.
  • NPS 31: (16 March 2014) The hiding method has been modified. A new hint can be found in the Geochecker.
  • NPS 36: (6 November 2012) A new (more detailed) hint can be found in the Geochecker.
Modified coordinates for NPS caches
Driving in the Klosterhede
Motorised traffic is prohibited on most side roads in the Klosterhede. Most routable GPS maps are not aware of this fact. If you stick to the following three roads, you can access the parking coordinates for the caches by car: Gl. Landevej, Klosterhedevej and Saugmandsvej (see map).
  • From the village of Gudum (between Struer and Lemvig - highway 513) you have access to the Klosterhede using Klosterhedevej.
  • From the village of Fousing (close to Kjærgårdsmølle) via Klosterhedevej and Fousingvej.
  • From Linde you can access the Klosterhede using Gl. Landevej.
  • Vilhelmsborgvej (route 521) and Ringkøbingvej (highway 28) connects Holstebro and Lemvig and provides access to the Klosterhede along several roads.
Red=roads where motorized travel is allowed. Purple=shelters and/or tent sites. (Click on the image to see a larger version)
We have added the attribute "no bikes" to all cache descriptions. Biking is not prohibited, but we can NOT recommend bringing a bike. The series is divided into smaller round trips and the numbering of the caches are on purpose (#2-#49). You will be walking along gravel roads and hiking trails, but in some places you will even have to follow animal tracks. We have made an effort to plan the series, so that it will show you parts of the wild/unspoiled nature of Western Juttland. You will also have plenty of opportunities to see different kinds of wildlife. On several occasions we have seen large herds of deer passing a firebreak. It is an impressive sight seeing the herd (including kids) pass by protected by the largest male animal. You might also be lucky to see beavers, but don't expect to do so during daylight! The beaver is active during the night and is rather shy, but during the bright summer nights it should be possible to study the beaver in the early morning hours or late in the evening. You will, however, find many traces of the beaver also during the day. Trees cut by beavers, dams and beaver huts are seen in several parts of the Klosterhede. You will also walk along beaver paths and see gnawed sticks along the streams. You can find more information (in Danish) about the beavers in the Klosterhede in the section 'Additional information'. In August the heather is especially beautiful with its bright purple color as far as the eye beholds. Please observe the possibility of meeting a viper during the warm hours of the day. The hike to the first 51 caches is more than 38 km and can not be done in one day. Please consider if there will be enough daylight during the time of year, where you plan to come to complete the series in two days, and if your companions are used to walking many kilometers in terrain which can sometimes be demanding. (Walking 38+ km along a bike path is definitely something else!) Hiking shoes or boots are recommended and remember to bring a spare pair of socks. Even if it is not raining, the vegetation may be wet - especially during the first part of the day. Walking many kilometers with wet feet can spoil the experience even for the most positive persons. Be aware that trees are cut regularly in the Klosterhede, which means that paths may be blocked by fallen trees, so be prepared to do a bit of climbing as well.
Getting to the caches
The T ratings of the series are typically T1½, T2 and T2½. We have based the rating on our experiences from geocaching trips around the World. A geocaching reviewer once told us that it is advantageous to know the cache owner, when interpreting the T rating. An elderly couple might rate the terrain to 3½ or 4 when a slope must be passed to reach the cache. On the other hand, a trained mountain climber finds it difficult to increase the T rating above 4 unless the way to the cache is potentially deadly. We believe that the T rating is usually too high in Denmark (probably due to the lack of terrain in the Danish nature). Therefore, you might find our rating being ½ or 1 star lower than similar caches in Denmark.
Terrain stars
We have tried our best to make the D rating reflect the difficulty of the puzzle. However, rating puzzle caches may be somewhat of a challenge, as different persons may find the same puzzle extremely easy and extremely difficult. The bonus puzzles have at least the same D rating as the most difficult puzzle required to obtain the information for the bonus puzzle. It has been our intention that the caches should be relatively easy to find. In other words, the challenging part of the puzzle cache should be obtaining the coordinates. Therefore, all caches are of the size small or regular and they are hidden in a "classic" way. Therefore, you will not have to search for tricky micros in the forest. Thus, the D rating for the hiding method is in the interval between 1 and 2.
Difficulty stars
The name of the series (Nerds in the forest) should be taken literally. The puzzles many seem very nerdy, but may people have told us, that they are in fact very simple (when the solution method has been realized). You should expect to spend at least three to seven months solving the puzzles (depending on your enthusiasm and work intensity in front of the PC). We recommend solving the puzzles in small study groups outside the public domain. Also, it is a good idea to arrange a common trip to the caches. Please remember to bring your picnic basket and plenty to drink. It may be difficult to get started in many of our mystery caches, but the puzzles have been made to be solved, and we are happy to give hints, when you are stuck in a puzzle. We strive to formulate our hints so that the solver still gets the feeling of having solved the puzzle and gets the aha! Experience.

Did you solve one of the puzzles without completely understanding how? Or do you find the method of solution random or inelegant? If you send us an email, we are happy to tell you how the puzzle was meant to be solved. Until proven otherwise, we would argue, that all solutions are logical, and we are happy to explain why (to the best of our ability). In the autumn of 2012 we have added information to some geocheckers, which tries to explain some of the more delicate or difficult elements in the particular puzzle. I Januar 2014 we added the story behind the puzzles NPS #1, #2 og #9 in the geocheckers.

The puzzles
Where to sleep
We are aware of one shelter in Resenborg Plantage (approximate coordinates: N56 29.792 E008 32.516) and several possible sleeping places in the Klosterhede. These are marked with purple circles on the above map.

We have no personal experience with accommodation options mentioned below, but we are happy to add remarks and experiences from geocachers.

Struer Vandrehjem:
Bremdal Camping:
Toftum Bjerge Camping:
Humlum Fiskerleje & Camping:
Lemvig Strand Camping:
Bed And Breakfast Struer:
Bastrupgaard Bed and Breakfast - Struer
B&B Humlum/Struer
B&B Lemvig 
Additional information
Feel free to contact us regarding the puzzles or practicalities via:

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The LOST NPS Geocoin
In the spring of 2012 we initiated a Nerds in the Forest geocoin project. Read more about the project here:

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Avoid sharing of hints, solution methods and coordinates
On several occasions we have experienced, that solutions of NPS puzzles have been shared on the internet and in "yellow triangle" clubs. This includes sharing of hints, "Walk thrughs" and even final coordinates. Such experiences can remove the motivation for anyone, who places puzzle caches. We have spent many hundred hours developing this series (NPS #50 alone took us more than 500 hours to prepare), and it hurts to see people sharing the results afterwards. We therefore kindly ask you to respect our wish, that the solution of our puzzles takes place outside the public domain - and without the risk of finding the result of the process (or parts thereof) in web fora, Facebook or similar places.

As mentioned above, we recommend solving the puzzles in small, private groups. This does not include (closed) Facebook groups, web fora etc. of 30+ members, where the only relation between people is membership of the same group.