DK_Titan 2012 R.I.P. Geocoin
When we lost Titan in April 2012 we immediately decided to create a memorial geocoin for him. See our memorial web page for Titan here (and a German version here). One side of the coin is based on the same photo as for our 2010 geocoin, whereas the other side was designed from a photo taken during a geocaching trip to Germany in July 2011.

We decided to make ten different versions of the geocoin. Initially five test coins were produced. These are shown at the bottom of this page. We identified some minor errors and misunderstandings on these coins, which have subsequently been corrected. We now had a good foundation for making the final decisions regarding colours and metal combinations. In January 2013 we received test coins of all ten versions, which are shown below. All versions (both front side and back side) can be studied in greater detail by clicking the images. Thus, we are now ready to initiate he actual production of the geocoin and expect delivery within the next few months. We will update this page on a regular basis when we receive news about the project. We have also made a web page about the creation of our 2010 geocoin (in Danish), which you might find interesting.

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The first five test coins are shown below.
3 Tone: Polished Silver / Smoky Black / Antique Bronze / Glitter Blue
3 Tone: Polished Silver / Smoky Black / Antique Silver / Glitter Red
3 Tone: Polished Silver / Antique Silver / Smoky Black / Transparent Blue
3 Tone: Polished Gold / Smoky Black / Antique Silver / Transparent Green
2 Tone: Polished Gold / Antique Silver / Glitter Green
2 Tone: Polished Gold / Smoky Black / Transparent Red
2 Tone: Antique Gold / Smoky Black / Glitter Red
2 Tone: Antique Gold / Smoky Black / Transparent Orange
2 Tone: Antique Silver / Smoky Black / Transparent Purple
1 Tone: Antique Bronze / Glitter Blue
Below is an overview of all versions (Click at the table to enlarge). Only 25 coins will be minted of each of the 10 versions, and 18 of each version will be put up for sale or trades. The remaining coins will either be part of our own coin collection or will be used for trades of rare coins in the future.
The tracking number is placed on the edge of the coin. Furthermore, all coins have an individual number (from 001 to 250). This number is also placed on the edge.
The DK_Titan 2012 R.I.P Geocoin will have its own icon on
Expected prices:

3 tone: 90 DKK / 12,00 Euro
2 tone: 85 DKK / 11,50 Euro
1 tone: 80 DKK / 10,75 Euro

The new coin will have the same diameter as our 2010 Geocoin (2"), but the new coin will be thicker (3,5 mm).